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Countdown to EVENT ENDING

Countdown ended
Sunday, August 24th @ 8:00am

The End

Welcome to the City of the Dead.

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Artwork By crownedmutt

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ShamrockStudios Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uhm, the journals explain what Medics, Toxic Fist and Convicts are aren't working so could you link them to me or explain to me?
And what are Independents?
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Collieh Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Filmographer
is there any particular reason y i cant automatically submit to the group/ and it isnt in my groups on my page?
kemeon Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd submit an image for this but my tablets being icky tonight ;3;

Wondering if anyone wants to do an art trade? owo/)
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xKittenMittensx Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  New member
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jell-o-cat Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello, may I be put on the hiatus list? College is coming up, and there's a lot going on. A lot to think about too, and I know I just joined, but just maybe a week or two. Sorry...
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