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Countdown to closing date

Thursday, April 30th @ 8:00am

We are now accepting new members from April 1ST to April 30TH
Required journals are here and here
Good luck!

Welcome to the City of the Dead.

Years ago, a flu like infection spread across the land, killing those that caught the disease.
A cure was later introduced to save them, but the consequences were severe.
Anyone who took the cure became different, cold, lifeless, hungry.
One by one the population of the living dropped, but the population of the dead only rose.
Now in this new world, stepping outside for even a moment means risking your life.
One bite, one scratch, and you're one of them, a lifeless shell of what you once were.
The few survivors were smart enough to form groups across the city, democracies.
Others lie low, scattered among themselves to avoid the present quarrels of the groups.
It seems that in these times, not all are who they used to be prior to this disaster.
Not every still living, breathing person is there to help you.
Some, no different from the infected that soak the streets, are there to kill you.
Welcome to Goldenrod City, a volatile place almost entirely inhabited by the undead.
Your goal is to survive, adapt, be strong, and most importantly, hold onto your humanity.
It is all that is left to determine the difference between you… and them.

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P-A is a horror-based Pokemon anthro rp group where your character is a zombie apocalypse survivor.
There are three main groups. The Meds are the kindest, led by a gentle, but stoic Blissey, and housed
within the city’s main hospital. Antagonizing the Meds is Toxic Fist, a tough gang that began to form within
an abandoned college system. They’re the cruelest, stealing from other survivors and often killing without
mercy. They accept none of the weak, young, or old. Their forces are made up of only the strongest.
It is run by a disgusting and lazy Muk, but judge him not by his appearance, he is witty and manipulative
at best. The Convicts are a relatively new face, only just now crawling out from their holed up prison sanctuary
far off from the city’s shore. They are prisoners who stayed and lived in the shadows behind the bars they were
placed. There is a fourth category known as the Independents, ones that do not live with a group--mere loners.

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Midnight-Essence Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
This may be a silly question, but how many characters can 1 person have at a time?
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Ozeisoul Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Due to the lacking of guards in toxic fist.
is it possible to add someone who it physically strong but isn't visible shown as buff?
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My cousin has send you a note or a comment regarding her old accounts? Im here as witness that the Levi account and the Kandyluv accounts are hers she came back to PA because I convince her. If you have anymore questions regarding her please reply or note me about them - Thank you
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HappyMonster-Pants Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question before I join/draw my character sheet: Would I have to reserve the Pokemon I want to be before drawing it/joining? o^o sorry if the answer would be something stupidly obvious, I'm not new, just rusty with this stuff
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SkyoticMadness Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I be removed from hiatus list?
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