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Countdown to EVENT ENDING

Countdown ended
Sunday, August 24th @ 8:00am

The End

Welcome to the City of the Dead.

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Sikula Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my friend ,Mizu-keys, has her ipad broken so she wont be able to draw anything for the group rn
i was just wondering if i can have her in the hiatus list for her unless she is needed to tell you guys for herself,,
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Cursestein Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd like to join this group but it seems your group is closed D:
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TheVioletVulpix Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
hey, may i be put on the hiatus list, i've been having alotta health things on top of school and just haven't been able to keep up at the moment.....
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radicalRomance Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
yoooo, i'm gonna take my leave from the group, so i'll go ahead and remove my stuff from the gallery
thank you for my time here and bye!!
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fer-ret Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shoot I want to join so bad.
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